Back from Baltimore

Day one

I was supposed to arrive in Baltimore in the early evening, but due to a
delay I was there at 10:00 PM. It was a close call. We almost had to cancel
the whole shoot that night but, sure enough all the models were waiting for
me at somebody's home gym.

I was counting on having four models that night, but surprise! There were 7
hot guys, different colors, and races too. A few latinos, and a hot black
man. wooof. Four of the models were bears I never worked with before.

As soon as I got there I felt the heat. It didn’t take much to get these
guys to start kissing and sucking, and before you know it, the sex started,
fast and loud. I got a lot of cum shots, and very hot sex... till 3 AM.

I’m just looking for a name for it now. LOL

Day Two

Well after long night of filming I went to my room, and I hardly slept. I
had to wake up at 8 to start my day with photographing a hot black man,
followed with hot Puerto Rican ( Carlos ) bear with an extra big uncut

Jake was at the shoot to fluff Carlos ( the new model ) Before I knew it
they were ready to go at it. So I turned my camera on, and they just went
on having sex with two hot cum shots. woof! That photo shoot went so right!

I kept on meeting you new models from Baltimore that day for photo shoots,
and saw several potential porn star.

Day Three

Location: a POOL in the woods : ) And this time I had Ali, Jake, Chet, and
Carlos and more, for a total of 7 bears. Non-stop sex till every one came
at least once or twice.

The Scene was pretty good, taking into consideration the picnic table they
had to have sex on, and the hard ground where they had to be on their
knees. The scene was done faster than I thought, with a lot of fucking
action, blow jobs, etc.

After we were done I went to visit DC that afternoon. Then I went to my
room to rest.

Day Four

Started with a good breakfast, and a good photo shoot with Daddy Bear
Chuck, who is a hot daddy with very sweet smile.

Then a shooting in the woods with Jake and Chet, which they took to another
level by bringing a portable sling into the woods! Chet started fisting
Jake, who shot a load after taking it big : )

Now I’m going home, and getting ready for my Next trip to San Diego which
will be this weekend..

just 5 days to relax at home.

BaltimoreTrip 8-18-05

Here I am the week of my trip, calling all the models I'll be working with during my visit to Baltimore.
all the call are made to put out my schedule for the trip.
models lined up, and I hope it's going to be a good trip for me.
on a trip like this i'll be shooting more movies, and meeting alot of new models i hope.

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