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CyberBears on Conan O'Brien

Here's an interesting twist on the new public acceptance of porn.
We were recently made aware that an establishing scene from one of our copyrighted adult DVD titles was used this past week on the Conan O'Brien show. We had not been informed of this use, or asked for permission to use the clip, so we investigated further. It appears that, during an interview broadcast on July 19, 2007, Adam Sandler introduced a clip of two men sharing an apple as a scene from his new movie. It was actually a clip of two of our performers, Joe Falconi and Ali, from a copyrighted adult video titled “Feed the Bears,” directed by Ken Slater, and released in 2006 by CyberBears, LLC.
All of our DVD's clearly indicate that they are only licensed and sold for in-home viewing by consenting adults. The notion of broadcasting a portion of one of our adult movies over open network television violates the spirit of the legal and ethical guidelines our company follows to shield our content from inappropriate viewers.
Of course, we are also concerned about protecting our copyrighted materials. We were surprised that neither the performers, the director, nor the company were credited. We do understand very well the legal notion of fair use as it applies to copyrighted material used for reporting, satire, and public interest media. We believe that NBC's inappropriate use of clearly labeled adult content in violation of the stated terms, their misrepresentation of the content presented, and their failure to credit the actual source, all exceeded their rights.
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CyberBears on Conan O'Brien


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