Planet Big Dance

We held our second annual CyberBears and Planet Big dance contest last night. The crowd was great! There was a very high energy level, and the dancers in the competition were just amazing.

The event ran from 5:00 PM until midnight, and it was totally crowded by 6:30. It was fun to see all the old faces, along with a broad selection of folks I've never met before, but wouldn't mind getting to know better! (Yes, I'm talking to you. But next time, lose the kilt! icon_twisted )

Ken and I managed to stay until a little after 10:00, but at that point I just konked out. I know the rest of you are taking Labor Day off, but porn never sleeps.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the party. And if you weren't there this year, I hope I'll see you next year!

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