Hibearnation Fun Fun Fun

Ok This is the 2nd time for me to go to Hibearnation St Louis, MO, and I have to say these guys who are working this event know what they are doing. Of course it helps having a very friendly and good crowd, but they're making sure that you have fun at all the events and after hour parties. If you like food, you got it! ( We all know that bears love to eat : ) If you like to dance and hang out at the bars, there is that too. Besides JJ's, there was Bad Dog this year, open for the bear crowd, which is just three or four blocks away from JJ's.

I just wanna thank every one who worked that event, and let them know that I'll be coming back for sure. And for you who never heard of it, Hibearnation is a MUST GO EVENT for 2006. Visit their web site at http://www.hibearnation.com/ for all the details.