San Diego Trip August 27,05

I Flew to San Diego on the 27th in the afternoon, to film a scene for my
new movie. But the location was very small, and hard to work around really,
so I had to reschedule the shoot to Sunday 29.

In the meantime I was doing all the scheduling to shoot the photos for the
Cub Club Calendar for 2006.

On the 28th I met with three hot models from San Diego. I did the shoot
outdoors, which was great. I love to get out of studio, and get some sun

I met with the other three models on the following day, before I drove to
another filming location....only this time i found my self in some fantasy
backyard/dungeon! The dungeon was all built above ground, and very dark by
the way, with black walls, and many rooms to match anybody's fantasy of

The shoot went very smoothly, and we ended it up with very nice spanking
scene between a hot daddy bear and a cub.