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Webmaster: Try it out and let me know what you think!
Webmaster: This is our new chat room interface
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stockycub35: Hi all
gabriel_chl: hi ^^!
BearzCubb: hey room.. anyone here??
BearzCubb: i guess no one is here.. lol
tboyphilly: wassup guys
ilovebears: Hi
MayBear: hi everyone
Piercedblackdaddybear: Hey guys
MayBear: here anybody?
ArtsyOSU: hi guys
Webmaster: Hey guys
MayBear: hi all
MayBear: hi all
FuzzyRedBearWY: Helo guys
FuzzyRedBearWY: Helo guys
manguy: hi evryone
manguy: hi there
manguy: hi fuzzy
BetoCaribe: Hi guys!!!!
BetoCaribe: send us a big hug from mexican caribbean!!
MayBear: hi bears
MicnDav: greetings all from New Mexico
Ken Slater: hi there
Ken Slater: hi there