It never fails!

I thought it was just luck, but it seems to happen all the time now. I'm starting to believe it has nothing to do with luck.
What am I talking about? I'll tell you.

Every time I get ready for one of my trips, I always have a lot of work the week before.

I'll be going to Hibearnation in St. Louis this week. I'm ready for it, everything packed, but I got two bears from SF who want to be featured in my movies. So I had to set up an interview with each on of them on a different day ( Why? Because that's when they are free for the shoot, which is alright with me. No complaints here. Hot bears on my set? Naked? Woof! )

Also last Saturday I went to the East Bay on location to do a shoot with three of my old time big stars: JYD, his boy Bad Dog, and Gus. The Scene was great! Daddy JYD Spanked Gus good, and then he gave him a good ride. Then Bad Dog followed in his daddy's Steps, and he fucked Gus too. It was the first time Bad Dog topped on camera, and it was worth waiting for.

The scene was quite intense. Everybody walked away happy.

We got to the location some time in the afternoon, by the time we were done, it was night and time to leave. After a few wrong turns, we finally made it to the freeway to San Francisco.

So that was a whole day of work on the weekend, and I'll be doing a shoot on Monday night after the GYM. (I hope I get a chance to go.) And then a few meetings on Tuesday with my Video editors. On Wednesday I'll be doing another shooting with hot burly bear, right before I have to go to St. Louis early Thursday morning.

So that is what I have to do before a trip. It happens every time!

: )

Ken Slater

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